Striped bass monitoring program

GMRC will be implementing a striped bass monitoring program at the start of the salmon fishing season and will run throughout the fall. The goals of the program are to provide an indication of their presence in the Restigouche River estuary and also in Eel River Bar waters.

Community members have expressed concern over the increasing presence of striped bass in our waters. Currently it is unknown if they are a threat to the salmon stock. Which is why this year GMRC has added the collection of stomach contents to the monitoring program. Stomach contents will be gathered by GMRC staff and then sent away for analysis. This will tell us if they are feeding on salmon smolts or not.

Last year was the first year of the monitoring program and many community members participated. We want to remind people that GMRC does not want your striped bass, we just want to know about it.

Participation in this program is voluntary, and names collected will be entered in a draw. If you catch a striped bass either by net or by fishing rod please let us know by calling 418-788-3017 or by email at, thank you.