GINU team members reflect on name change and what GINU represents to them

The GMRC has recently undergone a name change, transitioning from its former name – the Gespe’gewaq Mi’gmaq Resource Council (GMRC) – to a new name that reflects its growth, evolution, and commitment to conservation efforts in Gespe’gewa’gi. The new name is an acronym for ‘Gespe’gewa’gi Institute of Natural Understanding,’ .

GINU has a team of dedicated professionals who work hard to improve the natural environment, and it’s clear that their efforts have a significant impact on the communities they serve. Several team members have shared their thoughts on what they love about working at GINU and how they feel about the name change.

John Murvin Vicaire, Executive Director

“What I love about working at GINU is that everyday we work to improve the things that are important to me such as the environment, our people, and our language. It’s a privilege to be able to do this work for our member communities of Eel River Bar, Listuguj, and Pabineau.”

Brenda Martin, Financial Administrator

“To me GINU in English means “US” Unified Staff that work together gaining knowledge and understanding of our aquatic species in our member bands.”

Charlene LaBillois, Communication Officer

“Our evolution to GINU reflects the growth our organization has undergone since the beginning. As a Mi’gmaq person, I feel a strong connection to the land, fish and animals our people have built a relationship with since time immemorial. Being stewards of the land, I feel I play a more proactive role in caring for the land and species, especially the Atlantic salmon. I’m constantly learning more about these species and habitats due to the scope of the research being conducted here. I love working for our membership communities and I especially enjoy meeting new people and reconnecting with those familiar faces when I’m in Ugpi’ganjig, Pabineau and Listuguj.”

Lloyd Arsenault, MEK researcher

“To me, GINU is about the foundation for the Incorporation of long-lost indigenous knowledge in a western dominant society, where the need for a more Holistic view is needed. What I love about working at GINU is knowing that we have the opportunity to make a difference for future generations. Whether it’s through teachings or making a difference in the relationship we have with the natural world.”

Carole-Anne Gillis. Phd, Director of Research

“This new name speaks to the collaborative spirit our team carries forward daily. All of us, purposefully working together in service of our member communities. We are committed to weaving knowledge systems for the health of the natural environment. In Gespe’gewa’gi, we are leading the way in carrying out meaningful research and habitat restoration. The future is bright!”

Craig Isaac, Aquatic Research Technician

“Growth and change is exciting. We will continue to do research to better understand our territory.”

Gullege Isaac, Project Assistant

“A name that better represents what we do as an organization.”

Jessica Gedeon, Aquatic Research Technician

“Working with GINU has been a very rewarding experience. The name change represents the work we have expanded into, within our communities and also out on the territory. The growth in our research and capacity has been exponential and I anticipate further growth under our new name, GINU.”

Billie Chiasson, Biologist

“I see the GINU as a continuity of past work but also a steppingstone for new and exciting things. What I enjoy about our work is the pursuit to understand the natural habitats of our region and stitching links between the past and present through sharing of knowledge with the communities we serve. GINU, in this new area could mean growth, development and an extension of our work across the region.”

Miriam Lebeau, Project Manager

“This is a new era for our organization where we are renewing our name, as well as our energy and dedication, so that we can carry out meaningful projects together.”