Promoting (Healthy) Lifestyles, Activities, and Mi’gmaq Understandings of Restigouche River salmon


This project will gather information to determine the levels of contaminants that may be found in wild Atlantic salmon, and if the suspected presence of contaminants in wild Atlantic salmon is affecting the public’s perception on the nutritional benefits of traditional foods.


  • To determine the levels of contaminants (dioxins and furans) found within Restigouche River salmon.
  • To survey/interview community members about their eating patterns (including traditional food) and assess socio-cultural and historical aspects affecting food patterns.
  • To inform community members about the effects of industrial activities on traditional foods.
  • To conduct further studies based on the results of this project. Further studies can include developing wild salmon consumption guidelines for the community.
  • Year: 2008-2009
  • Status: Complete
  • Project Funding Source: Health Canada