Ugpi’ganjig Community Members Attend Lumpfish Information Session

The Gespe’gewaq Mi’gmaq Resource Council (GMRC) was in Ugpi’ganjig on Friday, February 3rd to share information on Common lumpfish. Close to 20 people, including fishers, elders, members of council and concerned community members were in attendance. GMRC has been conducting research on Common lumpfish in Chaleur Bay during the past 2 years. This project was a result of growing concern from Ugpi’ganjig community members over this “threatened” species. GMRC collected Mi’gmaq Ecological Knowledge (MEK) interviews with community members, visited spawning sites and gathered data on water temperatures, sampling and observations. Lobster fishers also contributed pictures of the lumpfish bycatch. GMRC will continue collecting information on lumpfish in the Bay of Chaleur. If you would like to contribute to our on-going research, please reach out to GMRC Director of Research, Dr. Carole-Anne Gillis at 418-788-3017.